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Lord Renew, Disney Professor of
|} Archaeology at Cambridge University states:
“Archaeologists all around the world have realized that much of prehistory, as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate. Some is quite simply wrong. .”

We’re not sure about a Lot of Things in this juncture. The date of the Tarim Basin civilization seems to have radio carbon dates in addition to some other data that could put it anywhere from before the Ice Age to 2000 B.C.. The exact same could be said for many matters in Peru. Poverty Point may be the source of the Iroquois that the Canadian Encyclopedia took all the way back to 4000 BC. But we’ve got many experts who won’t go further back than 1700 B.C. to this place. Thankfully Jennings is much more in accord with our projected history which makes it a Stonehenge-era artifact if he says it does not fit in the Archaic Period.

Gunilla gets the foundation of a pyramid And people dwelt on it as the Carla site folks did near Lima. It may be as old as 17,000 decades and is over 9,000 years old as we will see in a later chapter. Dating matches are frequent from the jungle of academics and the Pyramids in Egypt are dated by the American Research Center in Egypt in ways semiofficial’ Cryptologists like Haw ass are not reporting. The Pyramid known (falsely) as Cheops is 450 years old and older than the step pyramid of Loser based on their data.

The Olmec have been found in the Caribbean as far back as 5,000 B.C. even when they did not construct massive centers at that moment. My research puts the oldest Mu people coming to Mayan lands around 6500 BC. And recent archaeology has found that a site through satellite photos that dates to 400 BC. When I was there in 1993 the Mexican authorities was stating the Mayan civilization was not earlier than Christ and a few if any remained. Despite all these differing dates you’ll be able to make decisions. Some of those decisions will reflect on the essence of the academic morass that gets funds from the people that are directing our beliefs. In the end we hope the newer technical equipment that Dr. Robins worked on in the Getty Institute in Santa Monica after composing his book The Secret Language of Stone will enable more historical relationship just as Dr Thorpe’s staff has done with all the Munro Man and Nanjing man. It was fascinating to hear these biological stays can now be dated and examined to the extent which we currently know Spartan had tasteful drugs 90,000 decades back.

The inaugurates may be the source of The nobles certainly joined the priests near the top of the urban dwellings. Is there a greater library the world has ever understood than the Great Pyramid in Giza, due to its mathematical and building precision? The astronomical and other areas, such as being in the center of the planet’s land masses; and then we ought to consider Time and measurements of all sort are here too.

There’s so much to be learned from All these constructions and the civilizations that lived on them and in certain instances (Not Giza) utilized them to keep the spirit of their departed loved ones. However, the following article from May 27, 2001 at the Toronto Star gives us insight to the way academia’s pins’ the artifacts to make it look they’re finding things that increase their existing perception while battling for their own personal glory instead of honoring the greats of human history.

“Lima, Peru

A stunning archaeological find in Peru–the ruins of what investigators consider to be the earliest city in the Americas–has sparked acrimony from the international academic community. Nothing like the fraud of this University in Colorado who obtained financing finding’ Savoy’s Gran Paten or even Villa ya destroys that were already in the local tourist guide publications.

A team from Peru’s San Marcos University has excavated the arid hillocks above the River Supe north of Lima to reveal the sacred ruins of Carla–a town with six ancient Pyramids, an amphitheater and residential complex dated to as early as 2627 BC. ‘In these structures of rock, mud and tree trunks we locate the cradle of American culture,’ says Ruth Shady, who’s leading the excavations.

The operation has been hailed as the

Anthropologists working at Carla Think the windswept ruins 20 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean will offer a glimpse of the arrival of urban society in the Americas and may struggle theories the earliest civilizations settled by the sea.

They say a priestly society constructed The rock structures without the aid of wheels or metal tools almost a century prior to the Egyptians erected the fantastic Pyramid at Giza.

The stays, 200 kilometers north of

Shady accuses U.S. anthropologist

‘The Issue Is That he’s Presented Carla because of his discovery, even when my team has been investigating here since 1994, sleeping on the ground and working tirelessly to uncover it,’ an irate Shady states in her cluttered Lima office.

Haas helped Shady carbon-date reed Matting from Carla last year after he became interested in the website in 1996.

‘I think there’s been a Misunderstanding,’ Haas told Reuters by phone from Chicago, including that U.S. media had played his function.’ I never wanted to take any credit out of Ruth for her discovery’

Up to 10,000 people Might Have Inhabited the 65-hectare website at Carla, archaeologists consider, and its own structure suggests a regional funding with urban planning, centralized decision-making and a structured labor force.

For a country subjugated by 16th-century Spanish conquistadors, who ransacked its rich native culture in a frenzied lust for gold, these discoveries testify to the long heritage before the arrival of Europeans in what they dubbed the”New World.”

‘I hope this will help Peruvians know Their history,’ says archaeologist Rodolfo Petal

, 31.

‘Otherwise, people will think our Background is just a narrative of being conquered by the Spanish.’

Among the Numerous riddles confronting Archaeologists at Carla is the reason the people left the settlement. Like most per-conquest civilizations in Peru, the people left no written documents and the Carla settlement was too early even to possess more or ceramics than the simplest tools.

‘One theory is that a drought Produced a famine which forced the city dwellers to move on,’ says Petal, noting that the residents painted many buildings black at the last phase of habitation, This fits with the quarantining of plagues such as the Marmot to rat-carried plagues known as the Black Death that cycled throughout the Altaic regions for millennia per modern research, and each the work of William of Rub ruck who understood how to stop the plague years prior to the Catholics he reported brought it to the Americas. Churchill admits that it had been used as a culling societal tool. After originally coloring them white for innocence.

It appears the people of Carla Thought the buildings were divine, dotting their houses and temples with tiny alcoves, filled with dried-mud figurines. ‘possessions were celestial’ is a stretch. The reality of energy and the spiritual world was better known to these people compared to archaeologist who would like to make them look backward, I indicate.

After civilizations never Occupied the site but apparently admired it, leaving silver and gold in its perimeters.

South America’s most advanced The Incas had great physicians who did brain surgery and their government was the template Bacon used for his utopian ideas. However they are not the contractors of Teotihuacan and other enormous constructions including 500 Ton rocks. The Spanish encouraged them to make such claims, such as the Easter Island statues. It is a total fabrication as we will see. It entails very dreadful deeds and genocide from the not too distant past white individuals in Easter Island.

As with the Mayans who ruled Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras around AD 300, the construction of religious pyramids in Carla– such as one which stands 20 meters high and a shocking; 150 meters long–indicates the existence of a theocracy.

But the inhabitants of Carla Differed from the Mayans by living in their own ceremonial centers, Petal says. A discussion exists on this point, in my own mind. If he’d been to Chechen Maritza and if he saw the obvious markets and athletics or entertainment facilities, or read Thomas Merton’s descriptions; could he say this?

Rooms and courtyards on top of the Terraced mounds indicate they’d both religious and administrative functions. Varied housing also suggests that a stratified society, together with different residential places for the priestly and laboring classes. But why not commercial and trading individuals instead of priestly? What real evidence for the continuous sacrificial and overt religious dominance presented is present? Devoted Ones’ of the Bible as presented in Gifts of the Jews from Ca hill, that was backed by different Christian churches, says they are sacrificial victims. Sacrifice of the youthful was frequent among Phoenicians and Roman women had the right to determine the matter of whether to raise a kid or not. What we call abortion is not new or far different than sacrifices. The ancients frequently admired the soul of the kid going to their death better than we do, by means of rituals of freeing the spirit .

There are also signs that Carla had The first known system of crop irrigation in the Americas. Coastal artifacts, such as 32 pipes made from pelican bones and copious anchovy and sardine bones, indicates their inhabitants may have exchanged their fruit and cotton crops with fishing communities in return for food. Researchers hope to learn a great deal more about the everyday lives of these people when they discover the city’s cemetery. ‘You can tell a lot out of a civilization from how they bury their dead’ Petal says. Excavations already have exhumed a skeleton by the walls of one home, where it was buried. Researchers say it wasn’t a human sacrifice.” (1)

Group of people who dig up the graves of the project and past their current immoral perspectives of reality upon previous civilizations. The matter of placing individuals in buildings has a long history. As soon as we say putting people in buildings we mean just that. The individual, who would ritually give their life to consecrate an edifice for posterity, may often have vied for the chance.

In other publications I’ve reported A variety of effects or explorations in South America from the likes of Gene Savoy and the Heliopolis religion his people are re-energizing. This most recent find adds to many intriguing South American sites which demand integration in any true history. The Heliopolis Travelers’ which are the Chapbooks and elites of the region were over South and Central America. This recent discovery adds to the job of the great discoveries of Gene Savoy as well as what is yet to be opened for international study at the Maire de Dis Reserve complex in Brazil.

“They discovered a plaza with Ceremonial doorways aligned to Mach Pickup, which can be found in the distance, across the Baobab canyon.

The team considers one part of the Site was a sun temple, like that found in Cuzco. They discovered a ceremonial passageway that seemed to have been aligned precisely on the sun and the Pleiades star cluster, utilized as a seasonal indicator for the planting of plants.

The only previous identification of The main part of the website had been by Hiram Gingham, the American explorer, in 1912, but he gave an inaccurate account of the job of the”Inca fortress”.

Re-located this sector of several square kilometers, which is much larger than Gingham realized, and identified as many as five sectors distribute across A hillside, making Lactation a payoff of some magnitude.”